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Who has experimented with doing this?

I do grappling and BJJ 7x week. One hour class each, 2 hours back to back on Tue and Thur. I usually feel very good at the end of each week but there are no more classes available to do. I also am adding weightlifting as part of my new year’s resolution thing.

I have a 2x/week weightlifting program. Each single day has 6 exercises at various sets/reps. Power clean, hang power clean, squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, two abdominal workouts, hip thrusters and pull ups.

Essentially, I am supposed to do the workouts separately. What I am thinking of doing instead is doing one to two of the overall exercises after each class. This way I am already warmed up, and I save the drive!

Is this as effective or would it not be as smart? I figured I am in the recovery window so might as well… What do you think?

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