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Re: Malik's Log

March 18, 2013

7 rounds of:
7 push jerks, 7 chest to bar pullups, 7 burpees.
weight on push jerks started at 95lbs (did two rounds) then dropped to 75 lbs
pullups unnassisted
time: 25:25. Lagged the average by 10 minutes. Push jerks took a lot out of me, even at this weight. Not pleased but my ego is at the door, and I know in 6 months these times will improve with more weight.

March 19, 2013
Every minute alternate movements

10 touch and go snatches
8 knees to elbow

Used 65 lbs. Technique on snatches getting much better. It felt very natural. Though light weight given recommendations, felt good and believe there is much room for additional weight as I get stronger with these lifts.
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