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Re: leasing a location w/bad credit.

Originally Posted by Krista Debrick View Post
Unfortunately, probably not. =(

Companies usually look for 2-3 years of payments history.
Also, that's only a small portion of whats needed. In addition to payment history, they'll look at credit scores, debt-to-income ratio, assets, income, etc
hmm, well my aunt has leased a clothing store for the past 10 years with good credit. Would I be able to have the lease under her name while the business license is under my name?
What about renting space from another studio ($1500/mo seems outrageous). Maybe try a Karate or MMA studio?
Actually the place I'm at is a pretty good deal since it's a flat rate no matter how many sessions I train. The only reason I was looking elsewhere was because I wanted my own dedicated location since people will take you more seriously as opposed to just some rinky dinky trainer working out of a gym.
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