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Re: Why do you like Krav Maga?

Apologies, I haven't been watching this thread as much as some other ones.


You make a couple of excellent points in favor of KM, mostly that it is constantly being updated. I find that the most comprehensive systems are updated regularly, which drives the instructors to distraction, but also keeps the system cutting edge. Dan Inosanto continually updates the Lacoste-Inosanto Kali as well.


Punches can be very powerful, but an open handed slap also carries tremendous power, doesn't run as great a risk of fracturing the bones of the hand, and carries a significant psychological impact as well.

I'm in the military, so I don't do a lot of sport training, other than just for fun, and then it's mostly Judo or boxing.

On the subject of Tony Blauer, I have his PDR video and handout, and I'm singularly unimpressed.

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