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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and both of us are feeling really good, we both slep a lot better and are almost in line with summer time. This makes so much of a difference.

Plan for today - Fixed and feel

Warm up
So today we did a different warm up, stole some things from Josh Bridges.... i was thinking why not .
Started with a nice and easy 3min on the AAB just to get the blood flowing and then we used resistance bands for 5 different movments to warm up/ stretch/mobilize the legs. flet good after that.

After this pipe and band work for shoulders

Then we started with the barbell to squat, push presses and start to warm up for the fixed part of today.

All in all a good 40min i would say.

Fixed - Clean and Jerk
This is a full squat clean with a split jerk at the end.

So the idea for the rep count i stole from Rich Froning yesterday after seeing a WOD they did but i calculated the weight backwards, by this i mean that i chose the max weight first (final lift) and then worked backwards to decide on the prior lifts and where we will start. Froning and company did this really fast, we decided to focus on quality in all of the lifts.

10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps. increasing ladder. Fixed weights for each lift.
As a partner WOD share the reps 50/50, but we can decide if we want to go singles, double or more reps. You only get 15 lifts in total. We decided to alternate after each rep.

5 x 27
4 x 31
3 x 35
2 x 39
1 x 43kgs/95lbs New PR by 1kg/2lbs

5 x 55
4 x 65
3 x 75
2 x 85
1 x 95kgs/209lbs = 99% of 1RM

We have not gone heavy in C&J since Oct last year, even though we actually use the movement in WODs but with lower weights it was time to push the limit again.
Focus on start position, heels close, toes out, back locked, driving the bar on the pulls but most important getting under the bar fast, that means being aggressive.

Things felt really good from the start and we were both really fast under the bar. The wife commented that the split jerk felt really short and i told her this was due to the fact that she kept her chest up and was aggressive thus fast and stable. I also felt the same from the start.

The worst lifts for both of us were the final lifts. They both looked ugly and i am not surprised as this was a new PR for the wife (she did not know that at the time) and 99% of my 1RM. The ugly part was the split jerk. We need to go heavy more often but there are so many things to do we would have to work out twice a day to fit it all in.

Feel - Power Snatch
10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps. - as above, we alternate the reps.

The difference with the power snatch was that we had a starting weight and then it was up to ourselfs to decide on how much to increase the weight as we progressed. This is where we went by feel and could plan how far to take it.

5 x 15
4 x 20
3 x 26
2 x 28
1 x 30kgs/66lbs = 97% of 1RM

5 x 45
4 x 55
3 x 60
2 x 64
1 x 68kgs/150lbs = 98% of 1RM

last time we went heavy was in August last year so it was time again. Only one plan, good start position and explode. We both did really well and the wife only has 2 ugly lifts. Had i planned a little different i could have taken 70kgs as 68kgs flew up.

Cool Down
20 min stretch and clean up all our crap.

very pleased with today.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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