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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday morning, both feeling quite good and looking forward to today.

Plan - 2 and a bit

Warm up
60 cal row
lots of pipe, band work
light stretch plus warm up with the movements to come
get the heart rate up a bit on the AAB

a good 35min today.

2 and a bit
So today i had planned a couple of AMRAPS but i had made a time calculation where i knew that we could both complete 2 rounds and some within the time cap.

12 min AMRAP
15/20 - cal Row
20 - DB Box step ups 16/22kg (35/50lbs)
15 - Sit-ups
5 - Strict HSPU/wall walks

Wife - 2 + 26 = 136 reps
Myself - 2 + 37 = 157 reps

This is the first time i have incorporated SHSPU and wall walks into a WOD. Now that the wife is comfortable with the wall walks it was perfect. This was a great test for both of us. I went 2,2,1 for my SHSPU taking a small rest between, wife was methodical and smooth on her reps. Just as planned we both completed 2 and a bit.

Rest 10min - clean up and prepare for next WOD

4 min AMRAP
20 KB swings (american style) 16/24kgs (35/53lbs)
10 burpees

Wife - 2 + 11 = 71 reps
Myself - 2 + 17 = 77 reps

This was a hard one and the KB's blew the shoulders up, both of us went unbroken on them otherwise we would loose the lead if one of us had it. On the first set of burpees i am not sure if the wife missed a rep or two, or if i did one or two too many because we both finished that round at the same time, yet i was ahead. i reckon the wife lost count becasue i am sure i only did 10. Both hate buprees, just kept moving on them.

So both of the WOD's were a lot of fun today.

Cool down
sweat and stretch for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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