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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
wow. Really? they "just need to stop" It's so easy!!! who knew. I think I'll head to an AA meeting and distribute this helpful advice.
You should. AA has a success rate of about 5% so they need all the help they can get.

Originally Posted by Jeffrey White View Post
While you are most certainly entitled to your opinions, you should be aware that your opinion is wrong.

Whether or not it is "more additive" than something else is a personal matter.

There is plenty of science on the subject that backs up my viewpoint, starting with the book I linked to and even from "CF-Friendly" writers including Dr. Cordain (author of orignal Paleo Diet book), Mochael Pollan (author of In Defense of Food and Omivore's Dilema) and Dr. Sears.

Please feel free to link to any credible science that addictions do not exist.
I never said addictions don't exist, they most certainly do. However, I don't believe that anyone is "powerless" to stop doing something. All these AA style organizations are just cleverly disguised religions. Admit you are powerless and then turn yourself over to a higher power. It's rubbish. People aren't power-less, they are power-ful. Telling yourself you are powerless is as good as giving up your dignity and self respect. I was an addict because I chose to be. I chose to smoke ridiculous amounts. When I chose to stop I did. I didn't shift the responsibility onto anyone else and whinge about how I was powerless and ask "why me?" I wasn't chosen to be an addict, I chose to start doing something I knew was addictive and when it came time to stop I did.

I'm not trying to make out that i'm special or anything, i'm just saying that I truly believe people have the power to change things in their life without meetings and religion and all the crap that goes with it. Giving up something is hard, no one is disputing that, but if you truly wanted to stop then you would.
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