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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Everyone slips up and lets themselves go from time to time. That's what this thread is for, so we can get motivation from each other. Tough love is a good thing. It definitely is about mind over matter and if you're anything like me you need to go 100% STRICT for at least a little while to "reset" yourself. When I decided to do 100 days of strict paleo, at first I was like, well maybe I can have wine every now and then or maybe I can sneak some sushi. But then I thought long and hard and realized I have the type of brain/personality that, once I give it an inch it'll take a mile. Once I have sushi I can rationalize that I've "messed up" for the day, so I may as well eat chicken strips and beer for dinner, ya know? Anyway, just stay focused and stay positive and you'll get back on the wagon! Good luck.
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