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Re: AC Joint Advice

I had AC joint surgery done in July 05. I could not take a T-shirt off crossing my arms in front of me. I could not sleep on my right side without extending my arm straight, I could not bench press or do pushups without a lot of pain. I had 3 cortisone shots which did not do **** for it. This is a VERY common and easy surgery. Imagine a little dremmel taking close to 1/8th inch off your colar bone. You are just removing the bone on bone rubbing giving the cartilage room to sit. It was the best thing I did. 3 days after surgery I was at work. 6-7 weeks later I was working out at 90%. 8-10 weeks I was benching 315 with no pain. Still good today.. and any lift overhead is pain free.

Hope all goes well.
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