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I tried one of the recipes from BED for the cabbage. I have always liked Kim Chee, so I figure what the heck.

My cabbage is not bad, shredded is too fine though, I want a little crunch, even if it inhibits full culturization.

What other veggies have you cultured and what did you think?

It seems you really got to be into the idea of wanting to eat the cultured cabbage to want a heaping pile on your plate, probably due to a narrow definition of what tastes good/normal.

How does one tell if you got a bad batch? I went with "It did not immediately make me gag" and "It does not smell like the toilet". 1/2 a quart later, I am still able to type this message, so it must be a winner.

I should add that I used Mason Jars that I bought at the local King Sooper. As I was checking out, i noticed a thick layer of dust on the box of made me laugh, just another counter-culture thing I am doing because of crossfit.

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