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Re: Boxers Fracture

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post
Mat and I agree.

I would also continue to work the other arm. I'm coming off of rotator cuff injury and my doctor was really suprised by my condition. He thought I would have lost much more strength and size. I did very little with my right, but trained my left like I would have if I was not injured.

That is the exact thing I had my buddy do. He said he hated working one arm. The good thing is... he got to relearn how to lift. He had built up a ton of bad habits.
This guy had both shoulder completely blown out, at different times. One blew out was repaired the other blew out not long after. When I was helping him, he had just gotten his Labrum tightened around his left socket.

The key is to go slow and be patient. The scar tissue, as Steven said, needs to be broken down. That has to happen before gains are made. The wrist, like the shoulder, is needed in nearly every movement. Unless you an insane specimen of determination like Kyle Maynard.
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