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Boxers Fracture

I had a boxer's fracture around mid-January and I recently got out of the cast around the beginning of March. Recovery has been good for the most part (UC Davis offers fantastic insurance and a great physical therapy resource) and I've been doing light workouts.
My only problem is that I've neglected CrossFit for upwards to 2-3 months (I had problems working out coming into college and finding time) and I would love to start up again since I want to be fit for rugby season next year. I still have a lot of scar tissue around the base of my hand, so I've had problems doing things like bench press, thrusters, presses, even a basic push-up because my hand is still locked into place when I try to do any kind of 'pushing' motion with my wrist. I was curious if there was anything I could do to replace that movement if I start doing the WOD? I'm more than williing to ease of it, but if there're substitutes, that'd be great!
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