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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log


Warmup: Row, situps, pushups, squats, pullups, shoulder mobility, dip work

Back Squat: 8,8,8,8
75/85/95/105 (still taking it easy b/c of the back, all good, below parallel reps knees out - back is fatigued - but no "injury" pain).

4 rounds for time of:
25 calories - rower
25 push-ups
25 back extensions
15:xx - pretty much 16. Sucked today but I felt really good. Wasnt even a strength issue, the rower just kills me! Can't wait till its warm and we actually start running again. Need to work on endurance.

DAY 23 of the burpee/d-u challenge
both unbroken today
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