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Re: Pectoral rupture

Originally Posted by Mike Matulonis View Post
Good luck with the recovery. Im surprised you are starting PT so early. My Dr. told me it would be approx. 6 weeks of no mobility before I started pt. Hopefully will be able to schedule the surgery soon, tired of not being able to do push-ups, pullups etc... Let me know how the recovery goes and what I'm up against. Stay Strong.....
I actually have decent mobility. The biggest problem with immobility was the swelling and freezing up of my elbow, and extreme tightness in by biceps.

I'm only doing passive movement, the pt is moving the shoulder. My external rotation is bareley to neutral when lying on my back and pinning my elbow pinned to my ribs.

She gave me some really elementary movements to do several times per day and my motion and strength is already getting better. They're also giving me electric-stem and ice afterward.

I am very happy I got the surgery. A week later and the pain is lessening every day. ROM is still ****, but it'll get better. Get the surgery ASAP! You'll be happy you did... Never thought I'd say that.
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