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Re: Pectoral rupture

Originally Posted by Mike Matulonis View Post
Stephen I am going through the same thing right now but tore my pec. where it attaches to my shoulder. It has been almost two months and I cannot to a pushup, benchpress etc. The only way to fix it is surgery which should be scheduled within the next month. The good thing with crossfit is I am still able to train my core. Doing a lot of back exten., ab work, lunges, squats etc. The Dr. said I was looking at up to a 6 month recovery till I get the 100% nod to do everything prior to surgey. Let me know how you make out and I will do the same. Was very discouraged at first but i know i will have one strong core by the time this is done. Hope everything works out and try to stay positive.

Had surgery on Friday. A few days of massive discomfort, going crazy sitting around the house, and I'm starting pt today. I had to do this. Non-operative recovery was not an option. The loss of strength and flexion was too much to sacrafice. It'll be 4 to 6 months, but I'll be back at it almost 100%.
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