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Nick -

For the pre-strength cycle testing day, you'd need to test 1RM clean, 1RM snatch, 1RM weighted pull-up, and 1RM standing press (not push press).

The chin - rope climb transfer is a tough one - they're such different movements. If you're unable to do rope climbs, I'd suggest doing another day of weighted chins - but do 8 x 3 at 65-75% or so.

The pull percentages are correct - you should be able to lift/high-pull more than you can actually clean or snatch. This is basically a deadlift with either a snatch or clean grip, but with the RDL movement (i.e. pushing the knees forward like you would in a double knee bend during the o-lifts) and a shrug/high pull. Here's a video (but you don't need to do it elevated):

Hypertrophy cycle is definitely low on volume, and very intentionally. This is to allow as much recovery as possible (read: growth) from the stimulus. There are basically 2 approaches to hypertrophy: a bodybuilding one and a good one. The bodybuilding model tends to be super high volume with lightish loading. This encourages more hypertrophy through energy substrate storage and satellite cell growth, whereas the 6 x 6 type approach will stimulate more actual contractile protein growth (i.e. more actin/myosin). Go into any gym and pick out a bodybuilder and a weightlifter of the same size; I'm sure I don't need to tell you which is stronger and more capable.

As far as the carb load goes, it's pretty simple. Every 3 to 5 days, return your protein intake to what you'd consider "normal", and eat 300-500 grams of carbs (about 30-55 blocks in Zone terms). This is just a chance to top off glycogen stores and encourage better protein use.

Let me know if I missed anything!
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