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Thanks a lot for «jumping in»! Any advice I can get from people like yourself and Sofrgr is advice I can use! About the mental aspect of it all it’s what everyone with any experience o the matter keeps telling me. To the point however that its overemphasized. I’m sure that being stronger, faster and with more endurance will put less strain on me mentally. Less pain, better results, and less likely to injure myself, which is what I fear most, being that it is almost completely outside my control.

My workout up until now has shaped me in what I believe is a good state. I do find it lacking all of a sudden however. People won’t understand why I’m not impressed with myself just because I can outperform some lazy folks at the track or in the gym. They see my quest for «weird forms of exercise» as superfluous. I can sense however that Crossfit is what I need. It’s crystal clear philosophy, its diversity, its methodology, and most of all its attitude and intensity just get me fired up! It’s like having discovered the truth after endless searching…and this, without having committed to it yet, just reading about it!

What worries me however, is the fact that although I will be getting «fitter», I won’t bee practicing what I’ll be asked to do in the school. No four-mile runs in the sand, no long ocean swims etc. Am I expected through a program like Crossfit to be able to tackle these just because I’ll be so well rounded that I can take on anything? Is that the idea?


Thank you for your reply! Yes grip strength was one of the few «odd» things I was taught to work on for any SOF training. «Odd», because as usual, I was the only guy wrapping towels around the pull-up bars in my gym!

What troubles me with Crossfit isn’t finding a way to do every single exercise, but the random factor in matching these exercises. Let me explain….

I can substitute a dumbbell for a kettle ball, and I can bring the DB with me at the track...but there’s no bench there… I can build rings in my house, and I have a pull-up bar in my room, but no medicine ball or place to use it…I can find a lot of this stuff in my gym, but I’ll really be missing out on a lot of others, like a place to run (that’s run, not hurry because the moving rug will throw you down!), the rings, or other types of gymnastic equipment.

So what do I do? Do I mix and match these existing exercises as I see fit and as they fit my schedule? (Like having a track day, a gym day, a home day etc.) Does Coach mix them randomly, or is there a reason he puts push-ups after a run or squats after pull-ups? I seem to understand from the limited routines I’ve seen this far that they are entirely randomly matched…Is this valid?

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get my homework done before I go full-speed into this!

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