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Without a doubt crossfit will more than prepare you for the rigors of BUDs. In any special operation selection program it does not matter how much you can bench or how much you can curl. What counts is your functional strength, lifting heavy odd shaped objects, ie telephone poles, water cans, ammo crates, etc. Crossfit will prepare you for this plus the types of exercises that are done here are great for increasing your grip strength. You will find out that a lot of the events in a selection process require a tremendous amount of grip strength and endurance.

I would definitely advise using crossfit as your primary program to prep for selection. The gym I workout doesnt have some of the equipment that crossfit calls for either so I substitute different exercises as best as possible. Also like Dave said you can build a lot of the equipment that you need literally for a few dollars. I am getting ready to build my own home crossfit gym and get out of the gym I am going to now.

As far as substitution ask some of the guys who have been doing this for a while they will know what the proper subs are.

The only thing I would add to your training program is some pool work. Dave Werner who also posted to this thread is a former SEAL and he could probably give you some great training tips and techniques for your pool work.

To reiterate what Dave said the selection process is 90% mental. The workouts done here are very demanding and Coach sets some very high goals each day. If you follow the program and put your heart into the WOD it will increase your mental toughness as well as your physical toughness. CF will teach you to push yourself past what your mind has set as your physical limit.

One other thing you should check out the webpage that michael rutherford has. take a look at the section on functional exercises. when i saw that section i said man this looks just like a selection event.

Give it a try and definitely keep us posted on your progress and dont hesitate for a second to ask questions.

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