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Sofrgr, I just stumbled on crossfit today, referred to me as an excellent program for any high speed SOF school preparation.

I will be attending my countrys counterpart to the USNs BUD/S (almost exactly like it) and crossfit really seemed like the universal training regiment that I need. To top that off it just smells to me like an adrenaline rush! (Kinda like what hapenned to me with Guerilla Cardio!)

I wanted a way to put more power in my workouts and more range to the stimulus Im giving my muscles with simple calisthenics. My approach was to create a custom progrm for myself centered around Resistance/Calisthenic supersets 3x week, and Long Cardio/High Intensity Interval Cardio 5x week.

Crossfit seems like more than what I wanted to do. It sounds intense which is a big turn on for me. However I fear that I will not be able to do it correctly. I run at a track, and the continuous exercises utilising several equipment just arent available to me. Sure you can substitute a kettleball with a dumbell, but what about exercises like muscle-ups?

Sir, I hate to tire you with my endless rant, so my questions to you are:

A. Do you feel it is the best approach considering my goal in performing well in a BUD/S-type program?

B. Is it a practical approach that can be tweaked with various substitutions, whilst providing the same results?

I am aware that you too are new to this, but your backround assures me that you know why Im working out, and how I should work out. Its my first browse through these boards and when I saw an SOF operator saying good things about the program, I said to myself I just have to ask!...

Thanks a lot in advance!
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