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Jon Pappas
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Welcome! I know what you mean about wishing you had heard of CrossFit years ago.

Coach recommends for newbies to 1st establish consistency, 2nd intensity. These workouts will chew you up and spit you out. Guaranteed.

Here's a great post from Coach -

We have seen the world’s toughest men with tears running down their faces at the prospect of another workout. That is neither our intention or desireable. Sorry.

The WOD is designed to exceed the capacity of the world’s best athletes. If you go at it 100% every day, you will not survive. I can guarantee it. The workouts are tougher than flesh and blood.

The design of the workouts owes much to maximizing the breadth of stimulus and consequently fitness while simultaneously minimizing orthopedic and metabolic debilitation. Though certainly related, this is for me, still distinct from engineering designed to avoid overtraining.

You, Robb, Derek have learned how to modulate/moderate your efforts to survive and benefit from these workouts. Many won’t.

I wish I knew how to formalize and systematize an approach to optimizing return on effort (fitness) and eliminate the possibility of overtraining. I don’t think it’s possible. The art of intuitive moderation still trumps the science of peridodization (I’m being very generous in referring to the “science of peridodization.”)

My recommendation is to establish consistency then gradually increase intensity. I’d suggest someone “cruise” through the workouts for the first month with the goal being to just survive then gradually, incrementally turn up the heat.
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