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Just wanted to let everyone here know that this program stinks. I cant stand it.

I am a US Army Special Forces officer. With this type of career top fitness is a must. Over the years I have tried a multitude of fitness programs have always taken fitness seriously.

I just found this program a little while ago and finally decided to give it a try. I have been doing this program for about a week. Actually I am a week behind so that I can have a weekly schedule in advance.

Now for why I don’t like this program. 1. It showed me that by body weight to strength ratio is pitiful. 2. Demonstrated that my functional strength is also pathetic. 3. I thought I was in good shape but the WOD for the last week have put a hurting on me (I am ashamed to even post the scores). 4. This program completely blew out of the water all the old misconceptions I had about fitness and the shape I am in.

I am returning from a long deployment and I chalk some of my current fitness level to that, ie less than optimum nutrition, limited ability to work out, etc. But that only explains part of it, I also realized today that I have been kidding myself for years about my fitness and the programs I have been using.

All I can say is, Coach where were you and this program 6 years ago when I was getting ready to go through Special Forces Assessment and Selection. SFAS is a physically demanding three weeks and hard to prepare for. SFAS requires a lot of functional core body strength, endurance, stamina, cardio fitness, and flexibility. You need these elements not only to pass the course but also to remain healthy and survive during this three weeks of pain. Without a doubt your program is the best way that I have found to to get in condition for this. So everyone I run into now who is getting ready to go to selection I tell them to use this program to get them ready. Actually I am telling everyone about this program.

So I am going to stick with the program and as far as nutrition I am following the Body for Life nutrition program, six meals a day, protein and carb at every meal and at least two portions of vegetables daily. I had great success with this nutrition program a year ago. I am expecting to see some great results over the next months. Also I am looking at doing a 6 on and 1 off routine. I like to save Sundays for church. Does that sound okay or should I attempt to take two days off a week?

Coach thanks for an excellent product. The WOD a couple of days ago didnt look that hard on paper but by the end of it I was on the floor certain that I was going to die. I have been humbled. Keep it up.

Any advice for a newbie besides suck it up and drive on.

De Oppresso Liber
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