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Re: Starting Strength

Starting Strength (SS) gets exhausting. Those 3x5 sets across really wear you out. Plus it calls for 3 major lifts each session with a squat, press, and pull. That is 9 big lifts a week. I'd say at the most do a very short metcon after a SS session and still take the following day completely off.

You are probably better off with a program that aims for slower gains but isn't as taxing. 5/3/1 works better with metcons than SS. For one you typically only do 4 big lifts a week. In addition, the sets are increasing so that you do something like 65%, 75% 85% instead of 3x85%. The trade off is you make gains more slowly. But it is much more manageable, and probably healthier when combined with conditioning.

In all honestly, just listen to your body and don't hurt yourself. If you want to try SS and metcons together, go ahead. Just recognize when you are better off taking a light workout day or full day(s) off. And watch your numbers so that you can decide when it's time to change your plans entirely.
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