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Malik's Log

Just finished my on-ramp last week and had my first few Crossfit workouts. Coaches suggeted keeping track of progress so I thought I'd post it here - that way I can look back and see where I have improved and what needs improving.

About me - 43 yrs old (yesterday), 5'11, 178 lbs. Not a newbie to exercise but nowhere where I want to be. Crossfit has definitely exposed some glaring weaknesses that I never knew existed, so I'm very excited about attacking these weaknesses.

My first three workouts were intro workouts, and are below:

1. March 6, 2013
Row 400 M
3 rounds of 10 wall balls (16lb)/10 pushups/10 situps
Row 400 M

Time: 7:20

2. March 9, 2013
5 Rounds of the 9's
9 Press (75lbs)/9 KBS (30lbs)/9 box jumps (30'')

Time: 8:16

3. March 11, 2013
the 7s
7 wall ball snatch/squat (20lb)/ 7 pushups
amrap in 7 minutes
got 8 rounds + 4 pushups
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