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Re: Jason's Log

Sept. 27


Sept. 28

2x50 situps
2x50 flutterkicks (1,2,3=1 count)

Run for unknown distance and time.

Taking it easy b/c I'm sick. The run was relaxing and ridiculously easy. I felt strong and my calves felt springy. I felt like I could have kept going all night long. I didn't feel the ab work affected my running at all to my surprise. I can't wait until this wrist injury is gone so I can function like a normal human being again! I miss pushups, pullups, punching, rolling, carrying stuff, and opening doors without pain. My diet is bad right now. I had two alcoholic beverages (I don't know what they were called) yesterday and have been drinking soda, eating cookies, etc. I have to clean my diet up. It's still not as bad as other people's, but come on I want to do better than that .

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