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Re: 500m row

I had no idea there was "competitive indoor rowing"

Question for you guys - what is your damper setting at? I know Jeff's at a 7 and I'm a similar build to him. I'd like to get some more opinions. I never paid much attention and always assumed higher was better so I think i've always rowed in the 7-9 range

One other question for the rowing experts out there regarding proper form. When I row I sometimes notice at the very beginning of the pull I come up on my toes and then when I get into the pull the weight shifts and I rock back onto my heels. If I don't go up as far I can avoid shifting the weight onto my toes at all but I think I lose a little pulling distance. Anyone else get this and if so what am I supposed to do? Is it bad to have the weight on my toes kind of like with squats and most exercises?
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