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Re: Half Marathon Results (~19-min faster)

Originally Posted by Júlíus Magnússon View Post
Congrats. What was your actual time?
  • November 2009: Big Sur Half Marathon Chip Time = 02:27:16
  • October 2010: San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Chip Time = 02:08:24
  • Delta Improvement = 00:18:52 (~ 19-minutes)

Only significant training was a mix of Crossfit Endurance WODs and regular Crossfit WODs. Unfortunately, I frequently failed to do both an Endurance WOD and regular WOD on the same day (as Rx). Instead it was often one or the other, rather than both.

As (if?) I get more serious, I might start doing the Endurance WODs in the morning and the Regular WODs in the evening or something.
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