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Re: Quadricep Muscle Pain/Clear Shape Change

mobilitywod has a couple posts about knees that lock that you may want to look into. From what I can remember Kelly advises to wrap the joint tightly with a voodoo band to work on all of the tissues in the area and take it through range of motion, go to full flexion and extension to try and create some space in the joint. There are a couple other techniques he shows with putting a towel or ball behind the knee joint and going to full flexion to create space. He also has a technique of going to full extension and adding a rotational load with your hands. My explanations are definitely lacking but a quick search will net you some different joint techniques to try that aren't just working the soft tissues around it. If there is an issue with the joint itself then all the soft tissue work in the world is not going to fix it, you will just be temporarily improving the symtoms until the muscles lock back up.
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