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Re: Torn Quad tendon in knee

Originally Posted by Stanley Sullivan View Post
Last year (6 mths ago) I was doing some box jumps 24inch and two days later had pain in my left knee. Had MRI showed I had torn Quad tendon (1/4inch tear).
Took about 2 weeks of rest to heal then went back to Wods 2 weeks later after that.
Then about 2 weeks ago I was doing some stretching (focusing on legs Quads and hams)
A few days later had pain in my right knee, had MRI show I had torn Quad tedon (3/8 inch). Last occurance was done by over stretching no heavy weights or jumping!!!!
What I dont understand is its taken a few days before pain comes after doing the damage on each occurance!

Im 53 years old any advice would be greatly appreciated,Ive been doing CF for about 2 years.
How tendons heal ?
Are my tendons alot weaker because of tears?
How do I make them stronger?
How to adjust training? More warming up?
Lifting lighter weights for some movements ?
Have done some reading about it already but seems to be some grey areas.
First if you really had torn your quad you would know it immediately, not 2 days later. Partial tears are fairly rare in the spectrum of quad tears. It is usually either all or none. You then say your tear went from 2/8 inches to 3/8 inches with no trauma. 1/8 inch difference in looking at the quad tendon on MRI may not be a real finding, it could be unchanged. Again you would know if you tore your quad immediately. The pain in your quad which in both instances is delayed unfortunately may be quad tendonitis. Classically occurring 2-3 days after stressing the quads by jumping or running.
1)Quad tendons do not heal back together without surgery. They are like elastic bands and once one is cut it pulls away from the patella.
2)Tendons can weaken as a result of partial tears. It depends on size and extension strength of knee
3) stronger by working quads once pain has subsided, squats, leg extensions leg presses
4) If it is indeed tendonitis, be careful of impact activities such as running and box jumps that can set it off.
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