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Torn Quad tendon in knee

Last year (6 mths ago) I was doing some box jumps 24inch and two days later had pain in my left knee. Had MRI showed I had torn Quad tendon (1/4inch tear).
Took about 2 weeks of rest to heal then went back to Wods 2 weeks later after that.
Then about 2 weeks ago I was doing some stretching (focusing on legs Quads and hams)
A few days later had pain in my right knee, had MRI show I had torn Quad tedon (3/8 inch). Last occurance was done by over stretching no heavy weights or jumping!!!!
What I dont understand is its taken a few days before pain comes after doing the damage on each occurance!

Im 53 years old any advice would be greatly appreciated,Ive been doing CF for about 2 years.
How tendons heal ?
Are my tendons alot weaker because of tears?
How do I make them stronger?
How to adjust training? More warming up?
Lifting lighter weights for some movements ?
Have done some reading about it already but seems to be some grey areas.
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