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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

Originally Posted by Pär Larsson View Post
Assuming all workouts on day 1 fairly test all modalities of fitness and everyone knows ahead of time that the first day is more important, then it's fair.

Problem comes when the first day doesn't test, say endurance or power - then it's unfair if you cut after one day.

It's not just the scoring system that's a problem here - it's how fairly the workouts in each part of the Games fully test all aspects of fitness. As it stands I don't believe this to be the case.
I still don't see how that makes it fair--that would be like saying it's ok for baskets to count for 4 points in the first half but only 2 points in the second half, or for wins in the first half of the season to count for twice as much in the standings as second half wins. Either scenario makes it hard to come from behind in the second half of the game/season, and places disproportionate weight on the first half. Just because it's known in advance doesn't mean it makes sense.
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