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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

Originally Posted by Jarrod Henry View Post
I think I have a bigger problem with the points being from 1-30 on day one and two and 1-10 on day 3 (or 1-14) than I do with anything else.

The purpose of the games is to find the fittest on earth, and I think making each workout count as a separate entity is very important. I don't know if I'd eliminate the point scoring based on place

What I would do , though, is make Day 3 double or triple points.
Yeah, I've mentioned in a few other threads how I'm still baffled by the practice of doing cuts after day 1 or day 2. All the cuts end up accomplishing is penalizing people for being better at workouts 4-6 than they are at 1-3, and making the final day carry less weight relative to the first two.

Someone who goes 16-16-16 out of 60 people on the first three workouts then 1-1-1 out of 15 on the last three workouts would lose to someone who finished 1-1-1 then 15-15-15, even though the second person had three straight dead-last finishes. The first person didn't get the reward he probably deserved for going 1-1-1 on the final three.
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