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Re: UFC 110 predictions?

Man, I learned to never go against my instincts again! From the time I heard of UFC 110 I called George to beat Stevenson and be the dark horse of this card, but then I changed to Stevenson winning a hard fought decision due to the pressure of the entire universe picking him to win and not a single soul giving George a chance. I had a similar experience with Paulo Thiago last card, but I stood firmly by my pick and then a couple of days before the fight Kenny Florian picked Paulo to win too. It's hard going against the "experts" and picking a underdog against a big name fighter...

Huge win by Cain. That shocked me! I could see Bader finishing the weak-chin Jardine and he did, I could see Wanderlei falling short of finishing Bisping and he did, but I could have never imagined Cain taking out Nog like that. The worse I could have seen him doing was beating Nog up on the ground because he does has power in his hands, but on their feet?? Huge shocker... ...Cain is for real...
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