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Re: sleep apnea?

Originally Posted by Matt Berardi View Post
I'm trying to figure out if I have sleep apnea.

1. I go to bed at 10-11 pm every night, wake up at around 7 AM
2. I wake up randomly throughout the night, but go right back to sleep almost instantly, often I don't even remember waking, but it always ruins my sleep and I do not feel rested at all.
3. I have tried blocking out all light from my windows / inside, wearing earplugs, air conditioner, fan, whole bit. I even got a thermometer to make sure my apartment is the optimal temperature. Basically tried every single thing that they say is important to get better sleep.
3. Despite going to sleep at around 10 and waking up at 7 AM, I am still exhausted. I feel so tired that my mood is affected, don't want to workout, sleepy all day, yawning, napping on command.

How did you find out you had sleep apnea? What do you do for it? CPAP?


I had a sleep study done. I walked around the Naval Hospital like I had a bomb vest on wore it overnight at home and brought it back. What I'm supposed to do is wear a CPAP, but since I can't sleep with one I use a method I call suffer in silence. So far, I would say it hasn't worked. I intend to get the surgery done soon and I'm considering getting a Power Lung under the theory that if my respiratory system is stronger I will be less apneic.
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