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I have to admit, I just didn't get the draw of kettlebells. I bought three to round out my gym, but never really did anything more than prescribed by the WOD. Fast forward to the last Crossfit Certification and Jeff Martone's H2H presentation. Jeff gets up and starts presenting and I lean over to Eugene (who is typing away on his laptop) and say "I don't get it, looks cool and all but I'm not really into the whole KB thing." Eugene pauses typing for 5 seconds and says, "I love em' use them all the time and I really like the H2H stuff." Well I always listen to people who are smarter then me, so I pay real close attention. For details check out Eugene's excellent seminar notes. I get home and start the around the body pass with a 1 pood. Go to the figure 8, and start flipping the thing. This is addictive, as a matter of fact it is now a staple of my warm-up. Today, during the pull-up workout...I noticed an increase in grip strength! If you haven't given the H2H stuff a shot yet, try it, it's a lot of fun. Next step for me,the behind the back flip (make sure your insurance is up to date).
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