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Re: best combo. starting strength and crossfit

I understand about the sample size and the anecdotal nature of what you are doing. Still the data presented would be more relevant with certain markers. The first being a delineation between newbies and long time CrossFitters.

The point you bring up is an interesting one. Are you saying you had committed CrossFitters coming to your classes for over a year, following the mainpage WOD or a similar prescription of 7-10 strength/heavy days and mixed with typical Metcons and your people were unable to do the named WOD's as Rx'd. That would be shocking. Or are you saying you had longtime clients coming who were spending most of their time doing Metcons who began having committed strength days.

This is really interesting and important data point. My belief and experience is that when I bring in person and they follow our program which includes committed strength days they are fairly quickly able to do the WOD as Rx'd. The strength required to do the workouts just isn't that hard to build.
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