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Re: best combo. starting strength and crossfit

The experiment I designed was limited by the lack of a control group. So I have no real proof.

I do have anecdotal accounts of substantial gains for long term CrossFitters during this intervention, as compared to the prior 3 months where we were doing pretty much the workouts off of the main site.

I know that several people who had been doing CrossFit for more than a year and were still not strong enough to do the workouts as written gained the strength that they were lacking during that 10 weeks, and several others who were already doing them as written who made substantial gains.

This is still more my impression than any real scientific knowledge.

I think if I had my way, and had the space and the staff to accomidate it, I would have most of my new people do Starting Strength for a couple months to get strong enough to do the workouts as written and then start the workouts from the site. Their initial improvement would not be as great as someone who just starting following the site, but I think 6 months after starting to exercise, people who took time off and focused on strength for 3 months will be ahead of people who started doing the workouts strait off of the site.

Some of this is assuming that these new clients lacked strength when they showed up. Someone with a strength training background would probably do better jumping right into CrossFit.
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