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Aaron Moburg-Jones
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Re: 400m time guidelines

My unscientific take:

All times for non-professional runners

Excellent: 53-60
Good: 60-72
Fair: 73-83
Untrained 96-120

I was a very average track and crosscountry runner and ran 54-56, which is better than almost anyone who doesn't train as a runner could run. It was was by no means special and I doubt I could do it anymore. I think anyone who is not a track athlete (or trains specifically for the long sprints) that can break 60 has achieved something on par with a 2x bodyweight squat. But I could be TOTALLY wrong.

I'm curious what other people think because I usually underestimate how hard I think running is and overestimate how hard I think lifting is (I CANNOT do a 2x bodyweight squat and just achieved a 2x bodyweight deadlift).
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