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No probs Scott, any time!

Though remember, I didn't mean to take the punch, and was lucky my foot was off the floor - though that was luck!

And although I just allowed Tank to take me to the floor, he only achieved it because he went for it...I just didn't try to stop him in order to get the safer position. In other words, he achieved the take down.

No gi is fun, I'm enjoying it, and it really is so different to the gi stuff I'm used to. I practice pummelling lots now, and collection of hooks the same way that I used to collect 'pockets' in a gi. So now I hook under the armpit, over the shoulder, round the neck, the top back of the head, the bicep, the tricep, the elbow joint, the wrist - anywhere where the hook can be achieved.

I've also found that using the TRX has really helped me with my no-gi grappling - using that machine you are in permanent hook position with the hands.

I think the best thing to take from the fight is that you must always fight your fight. I didn't to start with, and it was only a bit of luck with the foot and a tough jaw that gave me the opportunity to turn it around.

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