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Most of the equipment requirement is going to be based on the number of people you are training. The incremental need to add equipment based on class size and content is yours to determine. If you are are doing private training, then the equipment requirement is a lot lower. If you have 20 plus person classes, then their is a need for A LOT of redundancy.

My equipment requirement was large due to being a class driven model. If you begin to have significant numbers in classes the equipment requirement increase. It is one of the major weaknesses to the class driven model.

Before you think about equipment and square footage, think about how you are going to implement the training.

Here is our initial list of equipment for our facility. Some of the numbers changes and have since added equipment due to class size and requirements. The prices do not incorporate shipping or affiliate discounts from suppliers.

I have made a littany of mistakes. I hope you can avoid them. You can go to our blog and check the evoluiton of equipement used, needed and how it is actually applied in training. No matter what you can make due with what you have and some creativite.

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