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I had a crossfit “first” yesterday. My buddy and I were leaving a posh health club (our dojo is located in the annex, where we both teach karate to kids/teens) after doing Tuesday’s (050823) WoD. The gym facilities are nice, but typical of many “big-box” gyms with most of the floor space dedicated to machines of some sort – we did our workout in the small, but sufficient, free-weight area.

We received the usual amount of stares during our Push-Presses and Push-Jerks, and afterward were discussing some ideas in the parking lot when a young man approached us. “Were you two guys just doing that crossfit workout stuff?” he asked. Stunned, we told him “yes” and spoke long enough to find out he had been following the site and slowly incorporating the philosophies into his own workouts. He said he could spot the routines a mile away in the midst of all the other gym patrons.

What struck me the most was how I felt to meet another CrossFitter who’s only link to us was a website and a desire for fitness. I had begun to think of us as alien exercisers: two smart kids on the short bus. I almost wanted to do some sort of “secret crossfit handshake” when we met him – I don’t know how else to describe it.

Anyway, we are already organizing a small group to meet at the park and share what we’ve found in Crossfit – as you’ve shared with us. Thanks again, Coach (and all at CFHQ).
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