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Re: Have people seen this?

Originally Posted by Victor J McQuaide View Post
I read this on another site and thought it hit the nail on the head:

This thread has turned into a debate about gun control and it shouldn't...the issue is whether an organization that has become synonymous with fitness, good health, and community, promote a product that has nothing to do with health and fitness, is very divisive within the US, and viewed with a high degree of antipathy outside of the US. I think Castro was truthful when he said he had no personal agenda when he accepted the Glock offer. But for Glock, it was a carefully calculated business decision. The fastest growing, most profitable demographic for civilian gun sales in the world are young, white American well, studies have shown that once you get the guy to play with guns, it is more likely he will get his partner to participate as well. For gun manufacturers, the CF demographic is a gold mine. Since buying guns is legal in this country, I can't blame the company for going where the money is....However, I don't believe CF should allow itself to be used in this fashion given the lack of association with fitness/athletics, and its obvious divisiveness.
They are also doing a giveaway/raffle for a Triumph motorcycle. Like guns, also cool, but nothing to do with CF.