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Re: Have people seen this?

Originally Posted by Marshall Flagg View Post
I think it is brilliant. For a lot of reasons.
I also see this as a refreshing move by CF. We are living in a weird world where corporations are racing to out PC other corporations in order so show how much they care. I, and many others, see this type of corporate behavior as nothing more than pandering.

Enter CFHQ. If anyone hasn't noticed, they don't fit the mold of how a business should be run and it has worked out brilliantly for them. They do what they wan't to do and what they believe in, and if you don't like it, thats on you. They tend not to change due to social pressure. If anything, it just makes their resolve that much stronger.

Of course, Reebok is a different story. They said exactly what I thought they would say. It's also a technique used by "anti-x" crowds to try and get sponsors to put pressure on business partners to change their behavior with the underlying threat ending the relationship. Won't work well with CFHQ. If Reebok pressed this issue with CFHQ beyond a simple statement, I don't think CF would have any problems ending their relationship with Reebok at the end of the contract (I think next year is the last). I'm sure Nike will be stepping up to the plate with a very good offer.

I would imagine that the leadership at CF is not losing any sleep over this, and probably find this even mildly entertaining.