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Re: Time to jump off that gluten free train...

Sorry, Darryl, but general population dont like the raw, hardcore, data so I posted a link to something even an everage joe can understand.

Maybe this is better for those that fancy raw data: wfs

As for mozambique, old thread on this forum debunked it: wfs

Also, as I recall, there were also findings of seed consumption in early homo sapiens, something in their teeth deposits or similar, which might be a better proof? But scientists agreed there is no direct link as these deposits might be there because homo sapiens ate animals that might have undigested seeds in their stomatch, etc.

Oh and also, isnt ketogenic diet advised for those with diabetes2? wfs


The LCKD improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes such that diabetes medications were discontinued or reduced in most participants. Because the LCKD can be very effective at lowering blood glucose, patients on diabetes medication who use this diet should be under close medical supervision or capable of adjusting their medication.
And also this: wfs

The results suggest that a short-term ketogenic diet does not have a deleterious effect on CVD risk profile and may improve the lipid disorders characteristic of atherogenic dyslipidemia.
The list could go on...
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