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Re: Lower Back issue for the last few days my back has been feeling great. Went to my box last night hoping to get some work in. Especially since I've been sidelined since the day before T-Giving. Went through my stretches and warm up no issues. Our skill for the day was to perform front squats 6x3 @ 80% of max. I did 3 sets of very light weight and again felt great. Got on the 3rd rep of my 4th set for the 80% load, and felt a quick decisive "squeeze" with mild pain in the same area as was previously sore. So I stopped and asked my coach if I could still perform the skill & WOD but at a significantly lower weight. He stated, "I don't want you doing anything for the rest of the night."

My question would be, would anyone recommend me performing workouts at very light weights, or should I put the lifting on the shelf until I can do 100% of the weight I should be doing?

Obviously I don't want to shelf my workouts and lose any progressions I've made. By still performing at much, much lighter weight (w/out pain) I would think that something is better than nothing. On the other hand, I don't want to be sidelined for an excessive amount of time either.
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