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Re: Lower Back issue

Originally Posted by Steve Wolfe View Post
Apologies if some of the veterans of the forum have seen this title a 1000x's. I've searched around and haven't found a thread similar to mine to seek information from.

Was at my local box last Tuesday and the WOD was 5 rds - 3 DL @ 80% max 1RM, then 25 double unders. Prior to that did some skill work on cleans & clean press. No problems, no issues, no pain.

Next day Wednesday, the skill work was pushing the sled (250 lbs) for 100'...alternating people for 5 rounds. For the WOD, it was a 15 min AMRAP - 10 KB clean & jerks (53 lbs) followed by 100' Farmers carry (90 lbs).

I had just finished the 1st clean & jerk, was coming in from the farmers carry to set down my plates and as soon as I set the plates down, felt like my center lower back region was being twisted like a dishrag. No sharp pain nor to one side or the other. I stretched a little, arched back, leaned forward, felt ok so I finished the WOD.

Later that night and still today, it gets pretty stiff. Still no pains down the leg or butt, but if I sit in one position for any length of time, it takes a minute to get straightened back up...then I feel ok. It's like whatever position I need to move to is stiff & sore, but once I stretch to that direction of soreness for a few seconds it seems to be ok.

Not sure what approach to take here. I don't feel as if it's serious enough to see a Dr. They will simply want to give me some anti-inflammatories and recommend stretches to do. Not sure if a chiropractor is in order either. Almost 2 years ago I herniated a lower disc and after a couple of weeks of it not getting better, I finally succumbed to a friend of mine that practices. Told him I didn't trust "his people" (lol), and he laughed it off and asked me to give him 6 treatments. After those 6 treatments, I was about 90% back to health. Or maybe I get myself back to my box and perform modified WOD's to the best capacity I can.

Thoughts? Opinions?

It's only been a week since I've been to my box, but I'm feeling guilty for not being there, plus I'm making decent progress in terms of weight loss & strength gains that I don't want to lose.
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