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Re: MMA Conditioning Program Help

Originally Posted by Mike Short View Post
... a lot of my partners at the gym are doing these low-rep, high weight routines. This made me feel as though maybe I wasn't on the right track.
Knowing absolutely nothing about your training partners, but seeing this trend at a lot of new "MMA gyms" around the country, this might be because of one of two things: either they 1) believe they have enough stamina training in their other workouts and are focusing on strength, or 2) they just don't know any better. So many guys think big muscles = badass fighter, but it just doesn't work out that way. A badass fighter can use big muscles, but a guy with big muscles isn't going to over throw a guy with real skills just by strength (barring the 'golden punch' of course).

Originally Posted by Pearse Shields View Post
Some guys lack power. Some guys don't. Some guys lack conditioning. Some guys don't. Program to your weaknesses.
I agree with the mantra to program to your weaknesses, but don't forget to maintain your strengths.

A fighter needs both a big tank (fuel/endurance) and a big engine (power). If you have great stamina now, and program to focus on strength, what happens to your stamina?

You need a right hand, you need a left hand. Lift heavy, lift long. Mix it up. It IS MIXED martial arts afterall, right?
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