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Re: HELP! How to get bigger as ectomorph!!!

I am a fan of rice/barely and a legume like black beans or lentils. You may need to jazz them up with some seasoning to make them taste enough to want to eat 2 cups or so of each sitting lol. They benefit you by adding additional protein and other nutrients needed for activity. Whole grain bread makes calories easy to get too. I do well with a PB and J 2 hours before lifting or KB's. Potatoes are good carbs sources as well. Dice 2-3 up, add water in the pan and cover. I garnish with salt pepper and a little olive oil.

For simple stuff I do strawberry keifer post workout. Gatorade is a good during and after CHO source as well. The powder is cheaper than the beverage, just add water. If keifer is tough to find milk is good post workout. The only think I warn about gatorade is to try and not drink it all day. There is evidence about CHO beverages like that tearing your teeth up so I limit drinks with sugars to just workout times. Bananas, berries, and other fruits are decent options too.

Those are just some. There are pasta options too. It basically boils down to what you like the most and can make palatable enough to eat it in adequate amounts. With a lot of whole grain stuff it isn't that tastey so you have to make it.
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