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Re: Programming for MMA Conditioning Class

Hey all. This project is still ongoing, just haven't been on for awhile.

I shall resurrect thee presently!

I have two active fighters and one inactive (me ) doing the program and so far we're 3 victories straight and no losses. Of course that's not all because of the conditioning class but...

This was last week's workout. Keep in mind we have limited resources at this gym so I'm doing the best with what I have. I was told this one was particularly brutal and welcome.

3X12-15 GHRs

3x max chin ups

8 over box jumps
10 Ball slams AHAP (an acronym I came up with for this group. As heavy as possible)
8 Push press AHAP
4 lengths bear crawl

3xmax plank hold

100 russian twists with med ball or DB AHAP
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