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Quick Tip for Generating More Power

For those of you having trouble with generating power from your right hand, I've got a couple quick tips for you;

1) Make sure you reach full extension on your shots. Too often fighters smother their own shots, taking away power. This applies to the jab, but especially the right hand. When working the heavy bag, stick your jab all the way out to full extension where its touching the bag and hold it. Next take half a step back. This is your range. From here you should be able to step in with your jab then let your right hand go, landing at full extension. Remember the power comes from the end of the shot.

2) Pushing up off the ground. When throwing your right hand, make sure your pushing up off the ground not forward. You want to push up enough that your calf muscle is flexing, almost like your exploding off the blocks in a track meet. Also don't forget to turn your knee on the shot. This should make you change elevation slightly as your body turns into the 2. I teach my fighters to turn their knee in first then push up off the ground with that back foot. If you're not doing this already, try it and see the difference in the amount of power behind your shots.

I hope this information was helpful for those of you frustrated with a weak right hand. Many of you probably already know these techniques, but for those of you who do not, this will help you punch a lot harder. If anything I said is confusing please let me know and I will attempt to go into further detail.
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