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Re: What supplements to take to get the best results

Originally Posted by Kevin Yun View Post
Thanks everyone, for your help!

My diet isn't that bad.. I guess.. I eat minimal carbs and try and avoid eating lots of sugars. So dinner is like meat and vegetable and sometimes kumara... and breakfast is avocado with bacon and eggs and sometimes sausages.. However, I have been trying to do the liquid breakfast of milk, protein powder, peanut butter, banana and blue berries...

So from what i can gather... these are all i need:
Protein powder (i use the 100% gold standard whey)
fish oils

So should creatine be taken after each workout session?

Yes that is all you need. Beta alanine might be good pre-workout to give you a little extra endurance but it will make your lips and face tingle. Preworkouts are expensive but optional if you think they're worth the money.

creatine = take 5 grams a day anytime
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